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(Exclusively For Busy Accounting & Tax Professionals)

"Do You Want More (& Better) Local Leads, Deep, Profitable Relationships With Clients & Prospects, and Increased Visibility/Celebrity In Your Local Market?"

Done-For-You Social Media Marketing for Accounting & Tax Professionals

"Yes, Nate! I do NOT want to be left behind by my inaction in the face of this exploding phenomenon ...

And by participating today, I understand that I will have you and your team setup and/or optimize my Facebook & Twitter presence, find me targeted leads PLUS post updates to my pages every day.

By registering today, I am ensuring my business scores of targeted leads... deeper relationships with my clients & existing prospects... PLUS a platform for increased celebrity & visibility in MY market area!"

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"Done For You" Setup & Daily Marketing Includes:

Facebook Page Setup, Optimization, Daily Updates For My Firm
($500.00 value)

  • Most Popular (and Effective) Social Media Site
  • Tax, News, & Personal Updates optimized
  • Full Administrator Access – so you can make any additions or changes you desire
  • Daily updates to your page, messages to fans, additions done for you
  • Daily management of all social interactions on your page
  • Integrated Email Capture Form – capture lead information directly from Facebook page

FREE Bonus (Optional)

FREE Setup and 37 Day Trial:
Email Marketing Revolution ($594.00 value)

Relational, Weekly Email Messages To Your Individual Clients PLUS Licensed Free Reports, Capture Pages to add to your existing firm website, Sales Email Campaigns for leads & clients, "Thank You" Email Follow-up (post work), targeted offers to email contacts, and more!

After 37 days, you will pay the regular subscription fees for one track of Email Marketing
(to Individual/1040 Clients-$197. Marketing for Business/Write-Up Clients also available upon request).

You may cancel at any time ... and it will be our job to give you a very good reason not to!

6 Good Reasons To Get Started Today

  • 1

    You've known that you need to get on these platforms, but never had the time.

    Consider this program the Ultimate “Social Media Launch” service. In fact, just by BEING on these platforms means you’ll get an instant edge over your stuck-in-the-mud competitors.

  • 2

    You are looking for an inexpensive way to add local leads to your business.

    Facebook and Twitter represent both the 2nd most-visited website and the fastest-growing social media platform today, respectively. Further, their “demographics” skew significantly affluent and are the “medium of choice” for a vast swath of “under 35″ and an exploding number of 35+ year olds. Our social media strategies are new to (and unique within) the tax industry, but have been proven in other service professional categories

  • 3

    You want to 'optimize' your current usage of these platforms -- without spending all of the time and money to learn how.

    If you already have Facebook or Twitter presence, we’ll simply directly implement lead generation “best practices” on your behalf, as well as our unique strategies for taking these leads OFF of Social Media platforms, and into “conventional” forms (email, direct mail).

  • 4

    You understand the 'lifetime value' of your clients, and want to ensure deeper relationships with them.

    Facebook and Twitter offer “non sales” touches to your client base which make it much easier to promote your business through other mediums (in addition to promoting it on Social Media).

  • 5

    You see how darn inexpensive this is!

    Frankly, I hate charging so little for it. There’s enough “buzz” out there about Social Media (as well as agencies who get paid six and seven figures for what we’ll do for you), that I could easily justify a much higher fee. However, because this is likely to be a new service for you, and an introduction to our range of services, I’m extending this special opportunity to start for the price of one tax return. This pricing WILL change.

  • 6

    The bonus is ridiculous. 'Nuff said.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

You guys have always done an excellent job for me. The Facebook [marketing] has paid for itself 10-fold -- definitely.  During my brief hiatus from your services, people were asking for it, and looking for the updates from it; even more than for the weekly emails, honestly, for my client list. I really want you guys to get back to work on Facebook and Twitter for me, as it was really working very, very well.

Ralf H
Ralf H EA, PA; Coral Gables, FL

Nate and his crew do a great job of keeping up my social media! I'm uneducated on the whole area. They speak like I do and alert me of clients' posts. I'd be lost without them.

Lloyd L
Lloyd L CPA; Green Bay, WI

Thanks for all your help as usual. ... I know you're very busy, but when you get a chance, take a look at my Facebook Business Page. Just look at some of the comments by my client. ... You can't get any better advertising then that. By the way, he loves the emails. He can't get enough.

Pete Marchiano
Pete Marchiano CPA; Bayville, NJ

So glad that you convinced me to go over the edge and use email and social media has paid in spades for the continuous client communication even outside of regular tax season...when it is needed the most. Thanks. Implementing these two marketing medias has allowed me to "stay" in touch with my client base and actually get more referrals, thank you cards etc. then ever before.

John  E. Walters
John E. Walters MBA, EA; St. Petersburg, FL

This is an exclusive offering for a limited time.

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Get Social Media Feed Program  $297

With Bonus Email Marketing Included – First month FREE

Reduce your monthly fee (from $117) to $97 and enjoy additionally your free
37-Day Trial of Email Marketing

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'Putting The Risk On Us' 365-Day Guarantee

A complete Satisfaction Guarantee…

If, by the end of one year, you are not completely so-satisfied-that-you’re-mistaken-for-a-local-celebrity and you have NOT seen increased clients from your Social Media efforts to MORE than pay for your investment, we will completely refund your setup fees PLUS $100.

We’re absolutely “banking” on YOUR success. Otherwise, we’ll pay. What could be fairer than that?

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • q-iconHow fast will I begin to see results from this? How fast have your other clients seen results, on average?

    It takes us about 14 days from when you sign up to get your Facebook and Twitter setup complete. From there, we highly encourage you to get your friends and family on board with your social media pages, especially on Facebook. The faster you can get people you know onto your pages, the faster you’ll see results.

  • q-iconHow do I get the most out of my Facebook page?

    The main key: don’t take it sitting down. While we will provide you with an awesome Facebook page to present yourself to the world, it’ll be your duty to utilize it to promote yourself (read more on how to do this under “How do I get more Likes?”) and give it that personal touch that is unique to you and your business. This might include sending us pictures from your office or family to post on your page, and writing a page post every now and again to give your fans updates that we wouldn’t know. Just remember that this is your business page, so take the opportunity to use it!

  • q-iconShould I be doing Facebook Ads? If so, how should I be doing them?

    You can if you like. Because we specialize in referral-based marketing for social media, we don’t have any information for you to reference at this time that can confirm or deny the success of Facebook ads for tax businesses. We currently do not have any plans to offer a Facebook ads service because of the success we’ve seen in our marketing tactics without the use of ads. However, if you’d like to use Facebook Ads, it would not interfere with what we are doing on your Facebook page.

  • q-iconCan I post to my social media pages if I want to?

    Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it. Posting on your pages every few weeks in addition to the content we’ll be posting is a great way to add a personal/local feel to the page, and could very likely encourage more interaction (which then could lead to more “Likes” and more business). For Facebook you need administrative access. If you don’t currently have this access, see “How can I get administrative access to my new Facebook page?” To do this on Twitter you should have your login/password from us. If you don’t have the record of it, you can find your login info here once you’re logged into our site. Or, feel free to email our team at for help.

  • q-iconShould I ask my friends and/or family to like and follow my social media pages?

    Definitely! Sharing your Facebook and Twitter pages with people that know you well is the best way to reach new leads, since your personal contacts will always be your greatest grass-roots advocates. In the social arena, your family and friends are one of your greatest resources.

  • q-iconI have friends on my personal profile. How do I get them to my business page?

    Unfortunately, you are not able to “migrate” the friends you have from your personal profile over to your business page. But by using some of the tips under “How can I get more “Likes” on my Facebook page?” it will allow you to show your friends your new page and encourage them to “Like it”. The main key here is: don’t be shy about using your personal profile to promote your business page or about inviting people to your new page. However, with regard to moving your friends to the business page, there is no easy “migrate” option.

One of Our Many Tax Professional
"Success Stories"

"The tax prep industry may have down in general this year, but our numbers appear to have been solidly up!  Thanks to using your services the last few months, I've received an average of at least 2-3 responses to my emails every week.

Most taxpayers don't even remember who in the hell prepared their taxes last year, but I've got people calling, facebooking, emailing, and actually reading my information on a weekly basis--and responding!  That gives us the chance to sell them on our other services of course, which is great.

"I was so busy this March and April, I didn't even have time to implement the great strategies Nate provided on March's client coaching call for getting more business in the door.  When you're making 20, 30, 40 phone calls a day--how do you fit in more client calls than that?  I've definitely been pleased."

James Cantwell, CPA
Silver Spring, MD

Just click the big happy orange "Get Started Now" button
below for INSTANT ACCESS...

Get Social Media Feed Program $297

With Bonus Included – First month FREE

Reduce your monthly fee (from $117) to $97 and enjoy additionally your free 37-Day Trial of Email Marketing

Get Started Now

'Putting The Risk On Us' 365-Day Guarantee

A complete Satisfaction Guarantee…

If, by the end of one year, you are not completely so-satisfied-that-you’re-mistaken-for-a-local-celebrity and you have NOT seen increased clients from your Social Media efforts to MORE than pay for your investment, we will completely refund your setup fees PLUS $100.

We’re absolutely “banking” on YOUR success. Otherwise, we’ll pay. What could be fairer than that?

Get Social Feed Program
without Free Email Marketing Bonus - $297

[with slightly higher Monthly Fee ($117) after free first month]

No email marketing program trial included.

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You'll be pleased with your investment...and I'll see you on the other side.

All the best,

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Nate Hagerty
CEO & Founder

PS--This also comes with a full 60-Day guarantee. So if for some reason you're not happy, just let us know and we'll give you a full refund.

That said, this guarantee (in addition to the one above) is here to make you feel good about your enrollment today ... I don't for one second think you'll need to use them.

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